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Smart steps to take before Investing in Real Estate

Investing in property is generally good thing. You can invest in property in a variety of ways, whether you decide to buy a home or commercial property directly or invest in another way. The value of your asset is very likely to increase in the long term, while in the short- and medium-term it can provide a steady monthly income in rent.

With property, there are two main potential ways to make a return: 1. Rent – you can earn an income by letting out property to tenants. 2. Selling for a profit – if you buy property and later sell it at a higher price.

There are lots of avenues to explore if you’re looking to learn how to invest in property on your own. The most obvious is on the ground learning, making mistakes and improving as you go along but be warned, you can easily lose money this way. Buying a property is after all very expensive and mistakes are going to be costly. The good news, however, is that there are a lot of great resources available online to help you on your way with your property investment education.

Property investing and development can be an expensive business that you don’t want to get wrong. The greatest and quickest results are seen by those who take the next step in their property education by investing in some training or by those who partner with someone who really knows what they are doing. Real estate can be profitable when people have the knowledge to make wise investments.  Here are some steps to take before you invest in property.

Research: Property training and market knowledge.

Seminar: Attending local property seminar and conferences.

Online: Training from the comfort of your own home.

On-site: Visiting properties and development projects.

Mortgage: Understand how mortgage really works.

investing in real estate, it's important to weigh all the factors that could
determine whether your investment earns a profit or not including the location,
the neighborhood, your financial situation, taxes, leverage, rental incomes in
the area, the quality of the property, and whether you're ready to make such a
sizable investment.

Boost Your Child’s Confidence

Raising kids with enough self-confidence to not only survive but thrive, is a goal for many parents

Kids need more independence and increasingly doing more things without parents is an important and natural part of growing up. A healthy sense of self-esteem is one of the most important foundations that can be developed in a child. It is one of the keys to a child's health and well-being as well as social, mental, behavioral, and emotional health, and will play a crucial role in how he handles setbacks, peer pressure, and other challenges in the road of life.

Here are some general guidelines you can follow to help your child develop self-confidence.

Pay Attention to How Often You Praise

Children of all ages like to hear approval from their parents. In fact, praise and positive feedback are often two of the most common ways kids measure their worth. That’s why it is so important to be realistic in how you praise.

Children who receive constant, empty praise will lack the motivation to push their limits and go beyond what is expected of them. 

Show Your Child Love Every Day

Your love will lay the groundwork for the healthy and strong relationships she /he will form later in their life. So hug your child when you say goodbye and hello, snuggle together and read a book, and show them you love them every single day.

Give Your Child Responsibilities and Chores

Being responsible for doing age-appropriate chores gives your child a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Kids need a lot of practice in life to learn how to manage themselves and overcome obstacles. Parents should nurture a child’s ability to solve problems as these will inevitably become a regular part of their life. Allow them to be responsible and don’t rush to offer help

Allow Your Child To Create

Work on fun crafts for kids with your child and
display them around the house. When he or she brings home his or her artwork,
writing, and other projects from school, ask your child to tell you all about
how he or she made it and how they feel about their work. Giving your child a
chance to show off the things he makes or to talk about the things he made lets
him feel like his creations are worthy of attention, and that his or her opinion
and thoughts matter.

Buying a Property in Dubai

Dubai has become increasing a popular place for local expats and foreign investors to buy property. In recent years changes to the law have opened up the Dubai property market to foreigner investors. It is now relatively straightforward to purchase property, provided that you have the finance.

Foreign buyers often choose to purchase either apartments, townhouses, or villas, which are generally located in secure complexes with communal leisure facilities such as tennis courts, swimming pools and gyms. Before buying a property, it’s necessary to know the exact reason for purchasing a property- either for investment or to live in. The purpose behind a purchase can greatly affect what type of property one should consider.

Find expert advice to help you negotiate the local laws and regulations

  • Laws and regulations can change, so hiring an agent will help you avoid any potential mistakes.
  • Usually if you hire an Estate Agent, you can expect to pay a fee of between 2% and 5% of the value of the property.
  • You should always check the credentials of anybody you hire. The regulatory body for Real Estate in Dubai is the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA)

The purchasing process in Dubai

To purchase a property in Dubai, the buyer must be over 21 years of age.

The first step in purchasing a property in Dubai is making a verbal offer to the seller.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is signed and a deposit (usually 10%) is paid.

The parties meet at the offices of the developer to apply for a No Objection Certificate (‘NOC’) to sell the property

The developer will usually issue the NOC against a payment of a fee once the developer is satisfied that any amount due to the developer in the form of service charges have been settled in full.

 Once the NOC is issued, the partied are able to go to the office of the Dubai Land Department to officially transfer ownership. If the buyer is purchasing with a mortgage then the bank’s involvement will be required. If the seller has a mortgage on the property the buyer is required to settle the seller’s mortgage in full prior to the NOC application. This increases the risk for the buyer and means the transaction is more complicated.

Fees and Documents Required

  • In addition to legal fees that must be paid out to the developer or the real estate agent there are other fees to be paid such as fees to the land department and maintenance fees that must be paid.
  • NOC fees - these can range between AED 500 and AED 5,000 and are payable to the developer, usually by the seller.
  • Real Estate Agent’s commission is 2% of the purchase price
  • Transfer fees – these are calculated at 4% of the purchase price with an additional amount paid towards admin fees which currently is not in excess of AED 5,000 and is paid to the Dubai Land Department.
  • Mortgage registration fees (if applicable) are calculated at a rate of 0.25% of the registered loan amount and paid to the Dubai Land Department.
  • Developers ask for their annual service charges to be paid in advance and buyers should therefore account for their pro rata share upfront.

Buying a used car in Dubai?

The process of buying a used car or pre-owned car is not the same as buying a brand new car from the dealer. Large sections of the people opt for used car than a new one. Here are some factors you should consider when buying a used vehicle.

Rules to buy a used car

To register a car a buyer must be a resident of Dubai. During the registration process the seller must be present and in case if he is absent, a sale deed letter from an authorized showroom or dealer is required. Check online at the Dubai Police Website for any outstanding fines which the seller is entitled to pay.

Documents required to buy a used car

  • Original Passport and copy or Dubai Driving license original is required.
  • Insurance Policy is required. (If the old insurance is valid it can be transferred otherwise a new one is required)
  • In case if the car is financed by a bank a no objection letter may be required.
  • Old registration card is required.
  • The original license plate of your vehicle is required.
  • Visit Dubai Traffic Department or Tasjeel Eppco or Emarat Shamil or Wasel Car Testing centers and fill in a form and pay the required fees.
  • If there is any fine, the seller has to settle it, the concerned officer will verify and confirm it.


  • To test your car it would cost AED 50
  • For registration of your new car it would cost AED 420 for short number plates and 470 for long number plates.

For latest updates and more information please visit the RTA office.

How to Buy Affordable Furniture?

Whether it’s an upgrade or a full-on brand new apartment furnishing your home can be an exciting prospect that can totally transform the look of your home.

Buying a new furniture can also be a daunting (and expensive) task. Before you head to the furniture store and start buying big piece, make note of a few important considerations.

With so many shopping options available these days, it can be easy to get sucked into a spending hole — but you don’t have to over spend your budget. If you want new furniture, try looking online or visiting stores while they’re having sales!

You can also search for local used furniture from garage sales or online markets that are good quality and affordable. Once you find the pieces of furniture you like, purchase them and start decorating your home!

Check out some of these suggestions for smart and easy ways to save some cash and still furnish your new home exactly as you envision.

  • Search for exclusive offers online
  • Find a furniture store near you for lower price
  • Look for furniture sale during special holidays
  • Watch for sales at retail stores and seize the day when you find a great sale

Planning on Adopting a New Dog!

Adopting or rescue a homeless pet through adoption can be a life –saving for pet that has been abandoned or abused, and it can be rewarding experience for your family. Pets of all breeds and ages can be found in various adoption centers. Before you adopt a pet it’s important to know what to expect for the first few weeks after your new adopted pet arrives in your home. 

 Prepare Your Home

Before bringing home your newly adopted pet go ahead and do some prep work first. Both Dogs and Cats are notorious for getting into food, trash cans, and toilets. Make sure your home is free from potential hazards, such as antifreeze or anything else that is dangerous. Take the time to pet- proof your home to prevent foreseeable damage or injury.

Look For a Vet

It may seem premature, but it’s a good idea to find a vet even before you adopt your pet.  If you are not unfamiliar with the process of choosing a vet for your pet ask family or friends for referrals. It’s important to know how much the vet charges per visit, what their hours of operation are, and whether they’re available for after-hours emergencies.

Go ahead and ask the vet his or her advice about food brands, trainers, and must-have supplies. While you don’t have to follow every bit of your vet’s advice, it’s a good idea to have professional input before you bring your new pup home.

What to buy for your pet

You don’t have to buy everything you need before you adopt, but because the day of adoption is filled with excitement and stress, it’s a good idea to have several things on hand before you pick up your pet.

Items to buy include:

  • Collar
  • Leash
  • Dog/Cat Bed
  • Baby Gates
  • To High-Quality Food.
  • Food and Water Bowls
  • Toys and Treats

Invest in Training Program

It is extremely important to go ahead and sign up for a basic obedience class within the first week or two of ownership. These classes are as helpful to you as they are to the pet, and they establish a chain of command within the house. This may seem like a lot of work but the peace of mind provided is definitely worth the expense, and the classes help ease your dog’s or cat’s mind, too. 


Bringing a pet into your home is a rewarding experience, but ownership of a pet isn’t cheap, and it shouldn’t be done without careful consideration. Take you time to choose the right pet, prepare your home, and seek out professional assistance, you and your family will be equipped with the necessary tools to start ownership on the right foot.